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Energy Efficiency – M 43 LLC Fine Home Building

Building a home in Santa Fe, NM, that meets the City of Santa Fe’s green building code means designing the home and then building it with the required lower energy consumption building materials and low energy use heating and power equipment to meet code.

Why Buy an M 43 LLC Fine Home Building Energy Efficient Home in Santa Fe, NM?

Empirical evidence bears out factually that homes built following green building code regulations consume lower amounts of energy. This means over the lifetime of a home that a high-performance materials like wood instead of concrete for example, which by design have lower embodied energy, will use less energy over time.

Reducing a home’s energy use is achieved by architects and home designers by incorporation of functional design element requirements like lowering air outflow of the building structure. Also including low-energy green building components and materials are including in the design construction specifications like additional floor, wall and ceiling insulation and high-end energy efficient windows throughout will also improve a new home’s energy efficiency. Passive solar building design, which involves designing a home by positioning it on its lot efficiently to take advantage of the energy of the sun in the cold months and including design elements like awnings and covered portals to reduce sun exposure during the warm months. Including heating water with solar panels into a new home design will also lower energy consumption.

Solar panels, wind generators or biomass systems are all renewable energy sources that can be included in a new home design to reduce energy consumption. All are expensive and each take several years to recover the cost of the system through energy tax credits, when they are available, and reduced heating and cooling bills.

M 43 LLC Fine Home Building knows how to build an energy efficient home. Call Jim Salopek today to find out more at 505-660-8801!

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