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Green Building Residential and
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Green building or sustainable building, is about the building, the entire construction project and the long term impact of it on the environment and natural resources. The green building process covers all aspects of a home or commercial building, including the design, building the building, on-going real time use of the building once it’s built, care of the building, and if it is required, pulling down an existing building and remodeling it. Building or remodeling a green/sustainable building means following an approach that creates an equilibrium for the construction of a building and factoring a permanent sustainable impact from the start, to the finish and for the ongoing use of the building into the foreseeable future.

To build a high quality green building each party connected to the project, the builder, the designer and or architect, any engineers involve and the client, has to be on the same page working in concert to achieve the goal of building a sustainable building. Sustainable/Green Building adds to and improves the traditional building process by factoring in a positive impact on the environment, the use of the building the long term economic and real time life of the building and the positive enjoyment and experience when using the building.

In the modern world today new equipment, building techniques and modalities are being created all the time to improve on the strategies and equipment used now to build green structures, both residential and commercial. The goal now and with the newly developed systems and techniques is to lower the effect a building has both health of people and the ecology through doing the following things:

  • Use water, power and other components in the most resourceful way possible
  • Care for residents and employees well-being and enhance employee efficiency
  • Lower impact on the surrounding environment and lower waste and pollution

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