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Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audits Santa Fe, NM – M 43 LLC Fine Home Building

Heating a home in Santa Fe, NM in the winter can be very expensive. Conducting a home energy audit is the start needed to analyze the amount of energy being used in your home and to assess what steps can be taken to improve your home’s energy efficiency. A home energy audit will present the various energy leaks you may have in your home. Fixing the energy leaks in your Santa Fe home may save you money on your heating bill over time. The breakeven point comes when the cost savings each month created by your energy leak problem solving match the total costs you spent making the improvements. After that point is achieved you’ll continue to save money each month. Items such as applying heat saving window film on the inside of your interior windows have to be paid for each year. When you save money on your heating bill overtime all the extra effort you put in reducing your home’s heat loss will be worth it.


Hire M 43 LLC Fine Home Building to do a Santa Fe Home Energy Audit

When it comes to knowing what do about your home energy leaks the best strategy to follow is to hire a New Mexico licensed contractor that performs complete home energy assessments. Builders know about homes inside and out, plus they what it takes to build a home from the ground up, including what goes into a home to heat it, cool it and insulate properly all the way to the roof and the exterior walls. When completing a home energy assessment of your home a contractor will use a wide range of strategies to determine the energy problems of your home.

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