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Passive Solar Home Design

 M 43 LLC Fine Home Building – Passive Solar Home Design Santa Fe NM

Homes designed with passive solar use the structure of the home and its building components including floors, walls, windows, exterior porches and exterior portals, the position of the home on the building lot with respect to the sun to gather, retain and then dispense solar heat during the cold time of the year and lower home heat retention during the warmer months of the year. Because this building design does not have any type of devices involved like solar panels that heat water or make electricity with photovoltaic cells, it is called a passive solar home design.

M 43 LLC Fine Home Building uses design elements in its homes, the Santa Fe, NM, climate and weather and smart building site assessment when designing a passive solar home to maximize its solar gain during the winter and reduce its solar gain during the summer. Passive solar home design elements include manufacturer window packages factoring in window design, size, thermal insulation and thermal mass, home building lot position, building design for maximum solar gain including larger custom windows with night time heat loss control design and large walls with southern exposure positioning.

To learn more about building a passive solar home in Santa Fe, NM, call owner Jim Salopek today at 505-660-8801!

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