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Water Harvesting and Recycling

Water Harvesting and Recycling Santa Fe, NM – M 43 Fine Home Building

Today more than ever, the need, on practical and environmental level, to do water harvesting from rain fall and recycle gray water from water used by homes and commercial buildings is becoming an integral part of building designs.

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Designing a new home or commercial building or implementing an existing structure with a water harvesting and recycling system is a smart financial and ecological thing to do. A system for water harvesting and recycling helps property owners manage water and it helps the ecology. There are several systems available today for harvesting water from rain fall and for re-using water used every day. There are two types of systems, passive and active. Additional practical components to look at and factors to consider are above-ground and underground cisterns, pumice wicks, French drains, infiltration galleries, and erosion control and storm-water management. Consideration and decisions have to be made about use of gray water and environmentally sound reuse of household effluent.

If you have an interest in finding out more about water harvesting for your existing building or about water harvesting and water reuse for a new one you plan on building, call Jim Salopek at 505-660-8801.

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